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Strawberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Di & Di, 300g/ 0.66lb
Strawberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Di & Di, 300g/ 0.66lb
$ 2.99
Strawberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Di & Di, 300g/ 0.66lb
Sale- 50 %
SKU: 313451

Strawberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Di & Di, 300g/ 0.66lb

Brand: Di&Di
$5.99 - 50 % off


Dietary sweetness.
Jerusalem artichoke is a source of inulin, which is a natural prebiotic and ensures the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora. It is an effective means for the prevention of diabetes mellitus.
Stevia extract - stevioside is used as a complete and functional sugar substitute. It has zero calories, an intense sweetener.
Natural lingonberry jam without sugar, dyes, flavors and flavor enhancers
Thick and rich, with a pleasant moderately sweet taste.
Amount of carbohydrates in our jam is minimal, so it is ideal for everyone who follows the figure and health.
Perfect for morning toast or for adding to cottage cheese.
Strawberry, maltose molasses, jerusalem artichoke syrup, applesauce, thickener: pectin, sweetener isomalt, acidity regulator: citric acid, natural stevia extract, preservative: potassium sorbate.
Nutritional value of 100g:
proteins 0
fats 0
carbohydrates 44
kcal 180

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