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Souvenir Figurine Russian Samovar, Ceramics/ Khokhloma
Souvenir Figurine Russian Samovar, Ceramics/ Khokhloma
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Souvenir Figurine Russian Samovar, Ceramics/ Khokhloma

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Charming authentic gift - Russian Samovar!
Small and cute samovar will not take up much space, while it will be an excellent decoration of the kitchen.
The samovar is hand-painted, it has almost everything like a real samovar.
Khokhloma painting is one of the most recognizable and popular. It is very elegant, with an abundance of different colors, so products painted in this style are a spectacular accent in any room.
Samovar is covered with varnish, so brightness of the colors will remain for a long time.
This figurine will please both an adult and a child.
Bizarre figure in the form of a Samovar is decorated with natural motifs familiar to Khokhloma – scarlet strawberries and rowan berries, golden leaves and green twigs.
All this is favorably emphasized by a dark background and a lacquer coating that emits a soft glow.
Russian style of this figurine, the authenticity of the painting, make it a welcome acquisition in the collection of souvenirs of folk crafts.

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