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Soda Chernogolovka
Soda Chernogolovka "Duchess", 67.6 oz / 2 L
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Soda Chernogolovka
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Soda Chernogolovka "Duchess", 67.6 oz / 2 L



Classical variant of this fizzy drink contained pear syrup or pear infusion, which is the reason why it got its name - Duchess is one of the cultivar of pear. This variety of pears is popular for significant flavour and delicate texture.

Ingredients: sparkling artesian water, sugar, citric acid, artificial flavouring “Duchess pear”, food colour “caramel” (E150), sodium benzoate (preservative agent). 

Nutrition value for 100g: carbohydrates 9.7g, energy value 39 kcal

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I love this drink so much, that I’m saving it for as long as possible.

This Chernogolovka "Duchess" Soda is very famous in my house it is gone in one millisecond and only one sip is left for me so next time I order I will have to buy 10 of them. This flavor is so yummy, smooth and has the right amount of carbonation is not too heavy. The flavors of this Soda is so pure and clean on the palate, amazing taste!!! It is truly my family's favorite soda.

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