Marmalade "Smart sweets", sugar and gluten free, with lemon flavor, Di&Di, 200 g/ 0.45 lb

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Marmalade "Smart sweets" Description

Di&Di products - healthy, diabetic, dietary and gluten-free plant-based nutrition.
The products include stevia (a natural non-carbohydrate sweetener), amaranth (contains vegetable protein, omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids) and Jerusalem artichoke (a source of pectins, fiber, organic polyacids, proteins).

Marmalade sugar free with lemon flavor will certainly appreciate all lovers of sweet.

Suitable for diet, does not increase blood sugar.
Delicious, healthy and fragrant.
  • molasses,
  • sweetener isomalt,
  • gelling agent-pectin,
  • acidity regulator-citric acid,
  • water-retaining agent-sodium lactate,
  • sweetener stevia extract (stevioside),
  • flavor - "lemon",
  • food coloring - tartrazine.
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