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"Skvaska" Sour Cream Starter Culture, 15 g / 0.5 oz (5 sachets)
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"Skvaska" Sour Cream Starter Culture, 15 g / 0.5 oz (5 sachets)



Natural starter culture for the preparation of tasty and healthy sour cream at home. Perfect for cooking in the yogurt maker or slow cooker. Homemade sour cream is very useful for health.  Delicious, natural product is very popular among people of all ages.
It does not burden the stomach, increases appetite, perfectly saturates, stimulates digestion, contains vitamins, microelements and macroelements, organic acids and also has a high calcium content.
Just mix the leaven with 1-3 liters of pasteurized cream, leave in a warm place (30-36 ℃) for 8-10 hours and the sour cream is ready. Cool the product and enjoy!

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