"Skvaska" Prostokvasha/Clabber Starter Culture, 15 g / 0.5 oz (5 sachets)

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"Skvaska" Prostokvasha/Clabber Starter Culture Description

Natural prostokvasha or clabber is an old Russian fermented milk drink.
Live starter culture for clabber "Skvaska" is perfect for preparation of delicious and nutritious homemade clabber.  Perfect for cooking in the yogurt maker or slow cooker. The usefulness of clabber or prostokvasha is comparable to the usefulness of kefir, but for many people, clabber is much softer: the body absorbs it in less than an hour, and a number of healthy microflora begins to rapidly grow in the intestine. This delicious, natural product has a high digestibility and energy value. 
Just mix the culture starter with 1-3 liters of pasteurized milk, leave in a warm place (30-36 ℃) for 8-10 hours and the homemade clabber is ready. Cool the product and enjoy!
The time of fermentation may vary depending on the quality of milk, temperature and other factors. The fermentation ends when the clabber becomes a thick consistency. Cool the product in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
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