Siberian Chaga Balm with Altai Herbs, 8.45 oz / 250 ml

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Siberian Chaga Balm with Altai Herbs Description

Siberian Chaga balm is a concentrated infusion on the basis of chaga and selected herbs of the Altai Mountains, containing a unique complex of vitamins and essential micro elements. 
100% natural ECO-friendly product, alcohol-free
Ingredients: chaga, hawthorn, ashberry, wild cherry, rose hips, knotweed, marjoram, St. John's wort, bergenia, nettle, plantain, calamus root, licorice, sugar syrup.
Drink 2-3 times a day add 1-2 teaspoons of balm to 200 ml of water, mineral water, tea, milk, coffee or other drinks.
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Improves digestion. Good taste.

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