Cream-Balm for Joints, Shungite & Purple Marshlocks, Fora-Farm, 125 ml/ 4.23 oz
Cream-Balm for Joints, Shungite & Purple Marshlocks, Fora-Farm, 125 ml/ 4.23 oz
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Brand: ForaFarm
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Cream-Balm for Joints, Shungite & Purple Marshlocks, Fora-Farm, 125 ml/ 4.23 oz

Water, shungite, mumie, sabelnik extract, cedar oil, collagen hydrolysate, St. John's wort extract, aloe extract, ginseng extract, wormwood extract, sunflower oil, biostimulator Vitanol, lactic acid, glycerin, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, cetearyl alcohol, stearic acid, emulsion wax, propylene glycol, kemaben, triethanolamine, Micro-car 1T.
Active ingredients
Shungite is a unique natural mineral of the oldest origin (about 2 billion years old). According to the results of numerous clinical studies, it is effective in more than 50 diseases. It is particularly active in diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, sciatica, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout. It has a specially organized carbon crystal structure. Contains natural fullerenes - the most powerful and stable antioxidant with pronounced healing properties.
Marsh (sabelnik) is a medicinal plant with a pronounced biostimulating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic, salt-removing, anti-rheumatic and regenerating effect. It has numerous medicinal properties. A recognized folk remedy for rheumatism, sciatica, arthritis and arthrosis, the deposition of salts in the joints of the hands and feet. It helps to relieve inflammation, swelling, has a positive effect on violations of the mobility of the joints and spine.
Mumiyo is a complex chemical structure of a natural formation extracted in the mountains, a unique natural biostimulator. It stimulates the regenerative processes in the joints and the proliferation of connective tissue cells, has an anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, immunostimulating, tonic effect. It contains a complex of organic substances and about 50 minerals.
Collagen is a fibrillar protein that forms the basis of the body's connective tissue (tendons, cartilage, bone, dermis, etc.) and provides its strength and elasticity. Promotes the regeneration and strengthening of cartilage, ligaments, increases their strength and elasticity, improves the mobility of the joints and spine. Forms a super-strong extracellular structure to protect the cartilage tissue.
Extracts and oils of medicinal plants provide the joints with nutrients, improve blood supply and metabolism in the periarticular tissues, stimulate regenerative processes in the cartilage, and improve the quality of synovial fluid. They have an anti-inflammatory, decongestant, analgesic effect.
  • for the prevention of diseases of the joints and spine in the presence of risk factors (sedentary lifestyle, hereditary predisposition, increased stress on the joints, hypothermia, viral infections, chronic inflammatory diseases);
  • with age-related changes in the musculoskeletal system;
  • with increased sensitivity of the joints to changes in the weather;
  • in the complex treatment of diseases of the joints and spine (auxiliary means);
  • for the prevention of seasonal exacerbations of joint diseases.
Recommendations for use
Cream-balm is applied in a circular motion for 3-5 minutes until completely absorbed 2-3 times a day, if possible to provide warmth and peace. The course is 3-5 weeks.
Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components. No side effects were detected. In case of allergic reactions, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
Cream-balm for the body in the area of the joints SHUNGITE with sabelnik - an effective natural remedy based on the unique natural mineral shungite for the joints and spine.
Promotes the preservation of a healthy functional state of the musculoskeletal system, inhibits destructive processes and slows down the aging of joints, activates the regeneration of joint tissues.
It has an anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, antispasmodic effect. Reduces pain, improves blood supply and nutrition of the joints, prevents the formation of salt deposits, reduces the risk of developing arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout.
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