Shampoo "Taiga tales" Wild Ginseng against hair loss, 16.91 oz/ 500 ml

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Taiga Tales

Shampoo "Taiga tales" Wild Ginseng against hair loss Description

What is anti - stress shampoo?

It combats stress factors such as:

  • hair dryer,
  • frost, sun, dry air,
  • stops hair loss,
  • soothes and nourishes the scalp,
  • strengthening the hair roots.


WILD GINSENG, which we extract manually in Tuva, is valued at a weight of gold. Taiga men call it "stosel", it has unique properties of restoring and powerfully energizing. Ginseng oil stops hair loss and strongly nourishes the roots due to the high content of fatty acids, phosphorus and vitamin C;

FRESH TAIGA HERBS strengthen hair bulbs and give a natural Shine, making the hair thick and strong, soothe the scalp. And in order to keep the hair longer clean, we use a natural detergent base.


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