Shampoo "Taiga tales" "Burdock - bear" restore strength of hair, 16.91 oz/ 500 ml

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Taiga Tales

Shampoo "Taiga tales" "Burdock - bear" restore strength of hair Description

Super natural shampoo!
  • contains 100% organic extracts and oils
  • gently cleanses
  • does not wash off the protective layer of skin and hair
  • does not dry hair
  •  BURDOCK, which we extract manually on the banks of the river Kaa-hem in Tuva, taiga compared with the bear for its strength and power of the roots, from which they receive valuable useful oil. Burdock oil intensively restores and deeply nourishes the hair, eliminates breakage and cross-section due to the high content of inulin and stearic acid; 
  •  FRESH TAIGA HERBS tone and strengthen the hair, give softness and natural Shine. 
  •  SOAP ROOT that is harvested by hand around the settlement Katase in Tuva.
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