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Set 2 Ivan Tea Fireweed
Set 2 Ivan Tea Fireweed "Fragrant Happiness" & "Emotional Balance"
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Set 2 Ivan Tea Fireweed
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Set 2 Ivan Tea Fireweed "Fragrant Happiness" & "Emotional Balance"

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Relaxing, soothing tea for sleeping.
The taste and benefits of herbs and berries for health and immunity.
Put 2 tea bags in the kettle, pour boiling water into the kettle - delicious and healthy tea for the whole family is ready!
In addition, karkade tea based on ivan tea Fragrant happiness is beautiful as iced tea: a pleasant delicate taste with a slight sourness will refresh you and give you euphoria and good mood!


It has a generous aroma of coniferous thicket - the soothing freshness of herbs with notes of juniper and rosemary in the taste.
Rich bouquet with a long soft pleasant aftertaste will remind you of a night campfire at a halt on a long taiga hike.
It will immerse you in the atmosphere of mystery, romance of new discoveries, happiness and comfort.
Juniper is a forest healer. Unique in its natural bactericidal properties, its essential oil is rich in phytoncides that purify the air and organs of the respiratory system. 
Rosemary has antiseptic, analgesic, antispasmodic, diuretic and soothing properties. Gently relieves inflammation and treats colds. It improves mood, improves memory and concentration, relieves fatigue and anxiety. 
A cup of hot "Emotional balance" will replenish the supply of useful substances, gently cheer up, fill with fresh strength and good mood.
Fermented cypress leaves, strawberry leaves, rosemary, currant leaves, juniper berries, sagan-dail.

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