Sea Buckthorn Shower Gel Intensive Nutrition and Hydration, 13.52 oz / 400 ml

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Natura Siberica

Sea Buckthorn Shower Gel Intensive Nutrition and Hydration Description

Feel the touch of tenderness and care of Siberian nature, enjoy the unique flavor of fresh berries, which will give a powerful energy and good spirits. Luxury and thick foam turns taking a shower into a true delight, giving the skin elasticity, softness and tenderness. Included in the gel vitamins A and E, organic sea buckthorn oil Altai, Siberian rowan berry extract, macadamia oil and Moroccan argan intensively nourish and deeply moisturize the skin, prolonging its youth and beauty. Medunitsa taiga and arctic raspberries restore the skin, protect it from the adverse effects of the environment, helping to acquire real Siberian health.
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