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Sauerkraut with Carrots
Sauerkraut with Carrots "Homemade", Lukashinskie, 670g/ 23.63 oz
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Sauerkraut with Carrots
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Sauerkraut with Carrots "Homemade", Lukashinskie, 670g/ 23.63 oz

Brand: Lukashinskie
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Sauerkraut, white cabbage, sauerkraut with sweet carrots, cooked according to a classic recipe of Russian cuisine.
In the production of these products, high-quality raw materials and gentle technologies are used to preserve the useful properties of the product and its original taste. It is made without the use of artificial preservatives, dyes and flavors – we use only traditional natural ingredients.
Nutritional value of 100g:
1.5 proteins
1 fats
3 carbohydrates
18 kcal

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