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Russian Mustard, HAAS, 200g/ 7.05oz
Russian Mustard, HAAS, 200g/ 7.05oz
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Russian Mustard, HAAS, 200g/ 7.05oz
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Russian Mustard, HAAS, 200g/ 7.05oz

Brand: HAAS
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Nutritional value of 100g:
1.9 proteins
1.5 fats
27 carbohydrates
128 kcal
Traditionally-spicy, strong Russian mustard HAAS!
It fits perfectly:
For summer okroshka
For meat dishes, jelly.
As a marinade for poultry, meat, fish.
It is made exclusively from natural grains, without mustard powder. This preserves all the beneficial properties of mustard oil.
The unique aluminum tube hermetically protects from light, preserving all the useful properties and freshness of the product.
After opening, store in the refrigerator or at a temperature not higher than +10 ° C.
drinking water, ground mustard seeds, natural alcohol vinegar 13.5%, granulated sugar, salt, grated horseradish, flavorings, ground cinnamon, ground cloves

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