Rigas Kvass, 50.72 oz / 1.5 L
Rigas Kvass, 50.72 oz / 1.5 L
$ 3.99
Rigas Kvass, 50.72 oz / 1.5 L
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Rigas Kvass, 50.72 oz / 1.5 L


The first mention of kvass in the Russian written sources dates from the year 989: when after christening of Rus Prince Vladimir I Svyatoslavich ordered to give people "food, honey and kvass". It was also known how to cook kvass in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. This is more than a thousand year old history, yet the beverage is still popular in Eastern Europe and beyond. The recipe was passed from one generation to another; something got lost, something's been added.

Latvia has known kvass for a long time; in the Soviet period kvass street vendors were very popular in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia for the tasty foaming drink sold from yellow tanks. Today, you can buy the bottled beverage in our online supermarket and feel the nostalgic taste of this delicious, thrist quenching, rich in vitamins drink. 

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Very aromatic and tastes awesome. Love the carbonation and color.

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