Repevit Hair Growth and Scalp Stimulator with Burdock Oil and Essential Oils, 1 oz / 30 ml

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Nevskaya Korona

Repevit Hair Growth and Scalp Stimulator with Burdock Oil and Essential Oils Description

Regular use of highly active oily scalp and high treatment Reptevit gives excellent results.

After a course of health and medical procedures, the result is clearly visible: the epidermis softens,dandruff disappears. The oil normalizes the sebaceous glands function; treats increased dryness of the scalp; hair roots become strong; hair follicles receive more nutrients; stimulates active hair growth; stops hair thinning; decreases inflammation of the skin, eliminates irritation, redness, itching; normalizes fat metabolism, improves blood circulation, the movement of the lymph. Repevit hair and scalp treatment leads to an active cell regeneration. Natural essential oils and herbal extracts inhibit pathogenic microflora, prevent the development of fungal and bacterial infections.

Active components: oily extracts of nettle, burdock root, horsetail, agrimony, bidens, spikenard; castor oil; vitamins PP, C, E, D, B; essential oils with antibacterial properties: tea tree, eucalyptus, cedar oil.

Directions: Massage warm oil into the scalp, brush your hair, cover with shower cap, wrap with a towel. In 20-30 minutes wash off with shampoo. Use 1-2 times a week for a month. A little tingling sensation may occur

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