Raspberry Preserve, Te Gusto, 470 gr/ 1 lb
Raspberry Preserve, Te Gusto, 470 gr/ 1 lb
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Raspberry Preserve, Te Gusto, 470 gr/ 1 lb
Brand: Te Gusto
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Raspberry Preserve, Te Gusto, 470 gr/ 1 lb

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Instead of fighting colds and infections by swallowing tasteless antibiotics, it is better to strengthen your immune system in advance by leaning on juicy raspberries - and there will be more benefits and no side effects.
In addition to ascorbic acid, raspberries contain a lot of vitamin A, which protects against cardiovascular diseases, aging and cancer, vitamin PP, which will help get rid of fatigue, insomnia, improve appetite and make the skin clean and elastic, vitamin E – the main component of anti-aging face creams, and vitamin B2, which can defeat acne, cope with dandruff and make dull brittle hair thick and shiny. And since all these vitamins are antioxidants, eating raspberries will have a positive effect on your appearance: your face will become cheerful and happy thanks to " delicious top dressing.
The main wealth of this berry is salicylic acid, which is able to cope with bacteria and has an antipyretic effect. Moreover, if other berries lose most of their useful substances during cooking, then raspberries in the form of jam cope with colds even better than in fresh form. Dried raspberries have the same effect. That is, both raspberry jam and raspberry itself can easily be considered a full-fledged substitute for an aspirin tablet.
Ingredients: raspberry berries, sugar.
100gr. the product contains:
carbohydrates 68 gr.
Energy value 272 kcal
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