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Raspberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Russian Forest, 220g / 7.76oz
Raspberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Russian Forest, 220g / 7.76oz
$ 5.99
Raspberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Russian Forest, 220g / 7.76oz
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Raspberry Jam SUGAR FREE, Russian Forest, 220g / 7.76oz



Nutritional value of 100g:
0.4 proteins
0.2 fats
48 carbohydrates
200 kcal
The Russian Forest jam is made from berries, with the addition of grape juice and natural pectin, which is pleasant to the taste.
We do not add flavorings, sugar and flavor enhancers to our products, only delicate jam and berry delight in every spoonful!
Stylish glass jars will perfectly complement gift sets with tea or coffee, sweets, gift boxes with flowers and toys!
Berry jams are suitable as a sauce for various types of cheese in cheese plates and assorted cheeses, suitable for wine and champagne!
Raspberries are one of the most beloved berries in Russia, and its wonderful and unforgettable taste in the Russian Forest jam can be enjoyed all year round.
Since ancient times in Russia, raspberries symbolized the Motherland-freedom and were associated with the idea of Russian people about real life. They said: "The homeland is raspberries, and the foreign land is viburnum", meaning the sweetness of raspberries and the bitterness of viburnum berries.
However, in addition to the sweet taste and history, these berries are widely known for their beneficial properties. Probably each of us remembers how as a child, when he came home from the street in the snow, he drank "hot raspberries" and went under the blanket so as not to get sick

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So delicious!!! And No sugar added!!!
Awesome product!
Thank you!

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