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Raisin Rusk Zwieback
Raisin Rusk Zwieback "Kievsky", BKK, 400g/ 14.11oz
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Raisin Rusk Zwieback
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Raisin Rusk Zwieback "Kievsky", BKK, 400g/ 14.11oz

Brand: BKK
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Zwieback is a crispy, sweetened bread made with eggs and baked twice. It is sliced before it is baked for the second time, which then results in a crispy, brittle slice that closely resembles melba toast or rusk.

The name comes from German zwei ("two") or zwie ("twi-"), and backen, meaning "to bake".
Zwieback hence literally translates to "twice-baked".
Ingredients: premium wheat flour, drinking water, white sugar, dried grapes, margarine, pressed baking yeast, salt, egg powder

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