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Processed Cheese Delissir Horitaki 30%, 350g / 12.35oz
Processed Cheese Delissir Horitaki 30%, 350g / 12.35oz
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Processed Cheese Delissir Horitaki 30%, 350g / 12.35oz
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Processed Cheese Delissir Horitaki 30%, 350g / 12.35oz



Cheese without milk fat substitutes.
Horitaki has a denser consistency, thanks to which the cheese is easily cut and holds its shape well.
The rich and delicate taste of Greek feta gives even the simplest salad special notes.
A great option for cooking delicious Greek salad and other equally delicious dishes. The product has a fairly dense consistency, due to which it does not crumble, holds its shape well and is cut evenly into neat cubes.
The cheese has a delicate taste of feta and a subtle creamy aroma. It will make any dish tempting and special, give an original zest.
The product can also be used for sandwiches and sandwiches. Сheese is well applied both to a fresh crispy baguette and to a porous airy ciabatta.
Cheese can be used as a base for sauce.
Processed cheese goes well with olives and olives, lightly salted salmon and trout, with capers, with fresh and stewed vegetables.
Ingredients: Cottage cheese, cheese, cream, buttermilk, stabilizer E1401, skimmed milk powder, butter, thickener E407, gelling agent E508, dextrose, emulsifier E331, salt, acidity regulator citric acid, preservative potassium sorbate, colorant E171, flavor.

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