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Plum Preserve, Jam Empire, 400g/ 14.11 oz
Plum Preserve, Jam Empire, 400g/ 14.11 oz
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Plum Preserve, Jam Empire, 400g/ 14.11 oz
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Plum Preserve, Jam Empire, 400g/ 14.11 oz

Brand: Jam Empire
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Plum jam is as healthy and delicious as fresh plums.
Plum helps to normalize the work of the intestine.
Open a tubel jar with plum jam in winter and get not only pleasure, but also benefit!
Jam is the most natural dessert obtained by boiling fruits and berries with sugar.
If you cook jam properly, it preserves all the vitamins, the benefits of fruits, summer, sun, energy.
Equally important is the packaging of the finished product.
It is the tightness of the packaging that allows you to save the jam from spoilage for as long as possible.
For the best preservation of the jam, we have chosen the tins.
In this hermetically sealed stylish jar made of thick glass, the product can not spoil for a year and retain all the useful substances, as well as an unforgettable natural taste and aroma.
The product is completely ready for use as an independent or as an addition to pancakes, ice cream, for making homemade cakes with jam.
Ingredients: water, sugar, plum
The energy value of calories in 100 g is 220 kcal

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