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Pilotka Soviet solders cap size 56
Pilotka Soviet solders cap size 56
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Pilotka Soviet solders cap size 56



Russian hats come in great varieties of shapes and colors - we offer everything from the famous "Ushanka hat" (also known as "bomber hat"), to military soviet hats, to warm wool hats that were expertly knitted for your enjoyment.

The Russian Imperial army appeared in 1913 as an element of uniforms in aviation and aeronautical units. Now side cap is a recognizable symbol of the Soviet army. So meet flavor of Russian manufacturers, you will not be difficult to feel the charm of this enchanting Russian things.

Summer Caps

Pilotka and Beskozyrka were the most popular summer soldier’s hats in WWII. December 3, 1935 in the Red Army were introduced two types of "Pilotka" hat: for commanders - khaki piping to the combat arm, to which was attached the front badge Red Army, and for soldier's - khaki, without piping. Beskozyrka was the uniform of sailors of Soviet Fleet.

Choose your favorite kind, shape, and color from our great selection - our Russian hats will not disappoint you! 

Side cap is one of several terms in English used to refer to a military cap that can be folded flat when not being worn. It is equivalent to the garrison cap or flight cap (in the United States) or pilotka (in Russia).

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