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Piller's Black Kassel

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SKU: 310783
Charcuterie Trio Sliced Salami Set, 170 g/ 0.37 lb
SKU: 308040
Picante Salami Whips, 3.5 oz / 100 g
SKU: 200268
Salami "Gypsy", 7.94 oz/ 225 gr
Salami "Gypsy", 7.94 oz/ 225 gr

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SKU: 204900
Salami Gypsy, 17.64 oz/ 500 gr
Salami Gypsy, 17.64 oz/ 500 gr
Piller's Black Kassel
Piller’s Black Kassel got its start over 60 years ago and has been creating delicious meats made with a dry-aging process ever since.
They continue to use traditional European recipes to ensure their meats keep the same taste their customers love.
Many enjoy their deli-style meats, flavored salami, meat and cheese packs, and quick on-the-go meat snacks.
Use their products on top of crunchy crackers, refreshing salads, or on an elegant charcuterie board. Incorporate their versatile meats in breakfast sandwiches or lunch and dinner specials.
Add the savory, mouth-watering flavor of Piller’s Black Kassel meat products to your restaurant, hotel, or cafe.