Pike Perch Caviar, 4.23 oz/ 120g
Pike Perch Caviar, 4.23 oz/ 120g
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Pike Perch Caviar, 4.23 oz/ 120g
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Pike Perch Caviar, 4.23 oz/ 120g

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Pike perch caviar is a great treat for both the holiday table and everyday.
Ideal for dietary and sports nutrition, it contains high-quality fats and proteins, while it contains almost no carbohydrates.
It has a very low calorie content (100 g of the product-about 88 kcal).
Shelf life 12
GOST / TU: TU 10.20.26-014-26180181-2019
Storage conditions+1 to +4
pike perch caviar, water, salt, vegetable oil, food additives: flavor enhancer E621 (sodium glutomate); stabilizers: E415 (xanthan gum), E410 (carob gum), E412 (guar gum); preservatives E200 (sorbic acid), preservative E211 (sodium benzoate)
Caviar ordinary fish has an excellent and balanced taste, which can surprise even the most demanding guests. Caviar can be used for making snacks and sandwiches, as well as salads. All our caviar has not only a balanced taste, but also a complex of micro and macro elements.
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