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Peeled Bream (Lesch) , 0.33 lb/ 150 g
Peeled Bream (Lesch) , 0.33 lb/ 150 g
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Peeled Bream (Lesch) , 0.33 lb/ 150 g
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Peeled Bream (Lesch) , 0.33 lb/ 150 g



Connoisseurs of dried fish delicacies-get ready and unite! After all, love for such a fish as dried bream can only cool cold beer!
Healty properties of bream are justified by the presence of various vitamins and minerals that have a beneficial effect on the body and normalize vital processes.
Fish is very satisfying and nutritious due to the high content of easily digestible protein and a small amount of fat.
The composition of useful fish includes protein, which contains all the necessary amino acids for the human body, namely methionine. This component is of great importance for people suffering from heart and thyroid problems.
Bream roe is a source of unique beneficial properties due to its high content of iodine and essential fatty acids. Its benefits extend to many systems, especially:
  • circulatory system, excluding the occurrence and exacerbation of atherosclerosis;
  • nervous, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns and stress;
  • digestive system, normalizing metabolism.

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