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Pasta Scrolls
Pasta Scrolls "Tricollini", MAKFA, 450g / 15.87oz
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Pasta Scrolls
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Pasta Scrolls "Tricollini", MAKFA, 450g / 15.87oz

Brand: MAKFA


Cook for 12 minutes.
Ingredients: flour, drinking water, spinach powder, tomato powder
Pasta with natural tomatoes and spinach in the composition.
Super vitamin mix of beneficial properties of durum wheat, natural tomatoes and spinach.
Some of the most healthy pasta.
Tomato and spinach contain a rich complex of useful substances, vitamins and minerals necessary for a person.
The combination of excellent dietary properties of durum wheat, natural spinach and tomato make it possible to attribute this product to the most useful among other pasta.
Product formula:
With natural tomato and spinach
Universal format
Healty composition
Group, A
Second grade
Natural raw materials
What to cook:
Sports food
Children's meals
Vegetarian dishes
Dietary dishes
Low-calorie meals
Lean dishes
Everyday meals
Nutritional value in 100g:
Caloric content 367 Kcal
carbohydrates — 73.2 g
proteins — 15.5 g
fats — 1.3 g
PP — 1.8 mg
B1 — 0.47 mg
B2 — 0.2 mg
Macro- and microelements:
P — 156.0 mg
Fe — 2.5 mg
Mg — 68.8 mg
Zn — 2.0 mg

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