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PACK 6 Vanilla Seasoning, Preston, 1.5g x 6
PACK 6 Vanilla Seasoning, Preston, 1.5g x 6
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PACK 6 Vanilla Seasoning, Preston, 1.5g x 6

Brand: Arikon
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Vanilin is used to make pastries, ice creams, creams and cakes.

Vanilla has been one of the most popular spices in the world since ancient times. Its fruits are oily and elastic pods of dark brown color. These pods don't smell of anything until they are steamed. Those white crystals that appear on the surface are the same natural vanilla with a characteristic aroma. It is this fragrance that contributes to the production of serotonin, which is responsible for pleasure. Vanillin, as well as vanilla, reduces irritation, anger, fatigue and gives calmness and relaxes the nervous system.
Now vanillin is a flavor identical to natural and is white crystals that dissolve well in water. To reduce the concentration, vanillin is mixed with sugar. It is successfully used in the preparation of bakery products and confectionery production. It is also widely used in cosmetology and pharmacology.


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