Organic Milk-Free Buckwheat Porridge, 6.16 oz / 175 g

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Fleur Alpine

Organic Milk-Free Buckwheat Porridge Description

Made from selected organic raw materials.

Produced from whole grains while preserving its natural nutritional value.

Easily digested and digested due to its delicate texture.
It has a delicious taste and aroma.
Product Features:
Without milk
Without salt
Gluten free
Recommendations for use:
Begin to introduce porridge gradually with 1 teaspoon of the finished product. The recommended volume of finished porridge in 4-6 months is 150 g, by 8 months. - 180 g, by 12 months. - 200
In the finished porridge, you can add baby fruit puree Fleur Alpine Organic or fruit to taste. Do not use leftover food for subsequent feeding.
Ingredients: buckwheat flour (100%).
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