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Novo-Passit, 50 ml
Novo-Passit, 50 ml
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Novo-Passit, 50 ml
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Novo-Passit, 50 ml



Ingredients: Alcohol 7%, water, peppermint oil, melissa, hawthorn, passionflower, Chinese lemongrass, eleutherococcus root, astragalus.
With simultaneous administration of "Novo-Passit" and other means, their effect can be enhanced or weakened.
How to use for adults: before meals, 15 drops are mixed with 200 ml of water or juice 2 times a day.
Shake the bottle before use.
A biologically active supplement does not replace a balanced and varied diet.
The use is contraindicated in case of intolerance or allergic reactions to the components of Novo-Passit.
Children under 12 years of age.
During pregnancy, Novo-Passit is prescribed only for absolute indications, if the expected effect for the mother exceeds the possible risk to the fetus.
If it is necessary to use Novo-passit during lactation, breastfeeding should be discontinued.
Store in a cool and dry place out of reach of children.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Do not use after the expiration date.
Do not use if you are intolerant or hypersensitive to the components of this product.
It is not a medicinal product.

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