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SKU: 312421
Soothing Lavender Hand Cream, Novaya Zarya, 75 ml/ 2.54 oz
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SKU: 312417
Eau de Cologne for Men "Jasmine", Novaya Zarya, 85 ml/ 2.87 oz
SKU: 312375
Perfume Red Moscow Light, Novaya Zarya, 42ml/ 1.42 oz
SKU: 312367
Cologne for Men Tete-a-tete, Novaya Zarya, 100 ml / 3.38 oz
SKU: 312365
La Belle De Russie Perfume, Novaya Zarya, 50 ml/ 1,69 oz
SKU: 312360
Cologne for Man Tete-a-tete, Novaya Zarya, 85 ml / 2.87 oz
SKU: 312359
La Belle De Russie Perfume, Novaya Zarya, 16 ml/ 0.54 oz
SKU: 311167
Gift Set "Red Moscow" (perfume, deodorant)
Gift Set "Red Moscow" (perfume, deodorant)
SKU: 311165
Clima Femme Perfume Water, Novaya Zarya, 50 ml / 1.69 oz
SKU: 311164
Tete-a-Tete Nouvelle Etoile Perfume, Novaya Zarya, 30 ml / 1.01 oz
SKU: 310256
Personal Hygiene Smell Natural Deodorant "Red Moscow", 75 ml
SKU: 310063
Perfume in organza bag "La belle de Russie" 16 ml
SKU: 310058
Perfume Water Red Moscow "Krasnaya Moskva" 100ml  (1492)
SKU: 310057
Cologne Red Moscow "Krasnaya Moskva" 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz
Novaya Zarya The history of the oldest Russian perfumery-cosmetic factory "Nouvelle Etoile" since 1864. For many people it is a vivid example of creation of stable business known all over the world, owing to the constant high quality, aromas-legends and ultramodern novelties, a variety of perfumery-cosmetic rulers, competitive prices and own original traditions. To open the shop under a signboard of legendary factory "Nouvelle Etoile"." is a real opportunity to keep and increase the business in conditions of sharply increased competition and simultaneously to take advantage of advantages of work in much larger and powerful organization providing stability and confidence of tomorrow. For today in Moscow 6 interiors-shops of factory are opened. Under a signboard of " the New Dawn " to 2007 Tolyatti, Belgorod, Saratov, Bryansk, Ryazan, Pskov, Kirovsk, Rostov-on-Don are opened on system франчайзинга in Novorossisk, Makhachkala, negotiations with representatives of several more cities are carried on. The assortment of production of factory for today makes more than 800 names.