Nesting Doll SEMENOVSKAYA - paunchy 10psc (H-5")

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Nesting Doll SEMENOVSKAYA - paunchy 10psc (H-5") Description

"Matryoshka (nesting doll) toy is one of the symbols of Russia. Making one doll manually requires a lot of time and special materials (natural linden-tree, paints and varnishes of ancient recipes). Therefore, original handmade matryoshka can't come at a very low price.
In Russian traditions, a matryoshka symbolizes family well-being, wealth, and prosperity. For centuries talented Russian craftsmen have been creating these outstanding works of art to show the true beauty of Russian folklore.
Give a gift with a meaning to somebody you really care for or treat yourself to this wonderful symbolic Russian masterpiece. Russian matryoshka is very popular in the world, it comes in different sizes and colors."
High-5" (805007)
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