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Natural Honey
Natural Honey "Sage" Craft, Berestov, 260g/ 9.17oz
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Natural Honey
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Natural Honey "Sage" Craft, Berestov, 260g/ 9.17oz

Brand: Berestov


natural honey, sage extract
Production of craft honey is achieved by large-cell filtration and a low-temperature method.
Original natural properties and benefits of raw unfiltered honey are preserved in honey as much as possible.
These are limited batches with pronounced taste and aromatic characteristics of honey plants, the taste and aroma of honey is enhanced by extracts of honey plants.
Honey "Sage" has a bright, slightly tart taste with fresh nutty and amber notes, with a slight balsamic aftertaste.
In folk medicine, it is recommended for diseases of the upper respiratory tract and as a means of strengthening the immune system.

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