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Natural Herbal Tea
Natural Herbal Tea "Deep Sleep", Herbarica, 20 pyramids, 40g
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Natural Herbal Tea
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Natural Herbal Tea "Deep Sleep", Herbarica, 20 pyramids, 40g



Herbarica Deep Sleep herbs help to relieve stress and relax, spend time for your own pleasure, forgetting about the everyday turmoil for a moment.
The honey color of ivan tea with aromas of apples and cinnamon, delicate slightly dusty notes of cinnamon in the aftertaste will give serenity.
Natural herbs do not lose their taste qualities with repeated brewing – add hot boiling water to the cup again and let the infusion gain saturation and taste!
Essential oils in the composition of chamomile pacify, relieve tension, fill with the warmth of tranquility. Ivan-tea helps to improve the quality of sleep.
Your body recovers during sleep. Herbarica Deep Sleep components help to improve metabolism, normalizes the work of the body's defense system while you sleep. When you wake up, you are cheerful and active!
Herbarica Deep Sleep herbal tea does not contain caffeine, dyes and artificial flavors. 100% natural ingredients. Quality control is provided by the food production safety system FSSC according to the international standard ISO 22000. Tea is suitable for adults and for children (from 3 years old).
Method: Add 250 ml of hot water to 1 pyramid of Herbarica herbal tea. Wait 7-10 minutes. While you are enjoying the morning procedures, the tea will infuse, gain taste and amazing aroma.

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