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Natural Herbal Tea
Natural Herbal Tea "Antistress", Herbarica, 20 pyramids, 40g
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Natural Herbal Tea
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Natural Herbal Tea "Antistress", Herbarica, 20 pyramids, 40g

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Lavender, melissa, Ivan tea and chamomile: a sensual warm bouquet!
The aromas of evening peace.
Gentle fragrant breeze stirring the violet-amethyst field in the rays of the setting sun.
Refreshing, sweet with subtle mint-lemon notes, a thick herbaceous trail and a soft pleasant chamomile bitterness.
Herbarica Antistress herbal tea will delicately reduce the feeling of fatigue and tension, help to relax, give a feeling of happiness, cleansing and warmth.
Natural Ivan tea and lavender - natural relaxants - will gently calm you down, help you think clearly. Melissa with chamomile - green antidepressants - will relieve anxiety, cheer up, improve the quality of sleep, have a restorative effect.
Herbarica herbal tea does not contain caffeine, dyes and artificial flavors. 100% natural ingredients. Quality control is provided by the food production safety system FSSC according to the international standard ISO 22000. Tea is suitable for adults and for children (from 3 years old).
Method: Add 250 ml of hot water to 1 pyramid of Herbarica herbal tea. Wait 7-10 minutes. 

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