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Natural Coniferous Honey
Natural Coniferous Honey "Black Edition", Berestov A.S., 500g / 17.64oz
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Natural Coniferous Honey
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Natural Coniferous Honey "Black Edition", Berestov A.S., 500g / 17.64oz

Brand: Berestov


Nutritional value of 100g:
0 protein
0 fats
80.3 carbohydrates
321 kcal
Composition: natural honey 100%
The taste is characterized by moderate sweetness and aromatic bitterness with a hint of malt.
When bees do not have enough flower nectar, they begin to collect and process – sugary drops formed on the needles at a temperature drop. In such honey there are a lot of useful minerals, polysaccharides, as well as plant phytoncides that have a disinfecting effect. In terms of the content of free amino acids and protein, such honey exceeds flower honey by about 3-4 times, which is why it is so useful for humans.
Honey collection regions: foothills of the Caucasian ridge, south of Russia.
Consistency: syrupy, stringy
Color: from dark amber to brown
Tasting properties: A rich blend of valuable honey plants gives a fresh range of herbal collection with notes of wild berries and a light natural sourness. Rich aroma is shaded by subtle delicate notes of lavender.
Healthy properties: dark varieties of honey, which include Coniferous honey, contain a greater number of phenolic compounds that exhibit strong antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. 
It is used in the treatment of: natural coniferous honey is used in the treatment of sore throats, runny nose, laryngitis, tracheitis, cardiovascular system and as a tonic. It has strong antibacterial properties. It is useful for atherosclerosis, liver diseases, increased thyroid function, as well as as a sedative for nervous diseases and insomnia.

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