Mr.Smak Kvass, 67.6 oz/ 2 liter

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Mr.Smak Kvass Description

From time immemorial kvass has been among the most beloved beverages in Russia. In former times no festivities went without kvass. And even nowadays despite dominant influence of Coca-Cola and other foreign brand names kvass retains its popularity with Russian people.
Today this traditional beverage of Russian people is known world-wide. In English kvass is usually called a bread drink. It is a non-alcoholic fermented beverage made routinely from black or regular rye bread. Besides smooth and delicate flavor kvass as well has a positive impact on the human health, invigorates a person and increases its vitality.
We offer you perfect Verkin kvass prepared by the best recipes preserved and passed from generation to generation in strict secret. Verkin kvass is made of absolutely natural primary products using advanced technologies.
In the unbearable heat of summer Verkin kvass is just indispensable! Still it is absolutely appropriate during friendly meeting, miscellaneous entertaining events and rejoicings! It perfectly goes with traditional Russian appetizers and adds to a routine tableful atmosphere of feast!
Try unsurpassed refined and exquisite flavor of Verkin kvass and feel the genuine Russian power!
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