Mountain Altai Flower Honey, 17.56 oz / 500 g

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Mountain Altai Flower Honey Description

It is believed that mountain honey is an excellent preventive measure to enhance immunity (noticeable effect is achieved when 1 tbsp of honey is taken every day).
Mountain honey is recommended to be taken with stress, disorders of the endocrine system, cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it is believed that it perfectly removes salts and toxins.
Mountain Altai Flower Honey, 17.56 oz / 500 g
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Очень понравился липовый мед.Хотела еще заказать,но ,к сожалению,его у вас больше нет.
I'm an old beekeeper. On a recent trip to Russia I met a lady who was selling honey. I love the honey and the stories behind it. Delicious!!