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SKU: 313665
Condensed Milk Flavour Cookies, Morozov, 430g/ 15.17oz
only 2.00 in stock
SKU: 313327
Sugar Cookies Creamy Mood, Morozov, 430 g/ 0.95 lb
SKU: 306956
Cookies Morozov's Rostovskoe, 0.94lb / 430g
SKU: 201673
Cookies Morozov's w/ Honey , 15.17 oz/ 430 g
SKU: 201671
Cookies Morozov's w/ Baked Milk, 15.17 oz / 430 g
SKU: 201670
Cookies Morozov's Wild Strawberry, 15.17 oz / 430 g
Manufacturer of high quality cookies
Since the company was founded in 1998, the founders have relied on the exceptional quality of the product and clearly follow the chosen path. Strict quality control and natural features of the fertile southern region help us create delicious cookies. We use the best ingredients and get an amazing taste of cookies, which has been repeatedly confirmed by blind tastings among consumers.