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For more than 15 years, the Mirrolla research and development company has been developing and producing dietary supplements, functional baby food, products for the throat and nose, as well as healthy cosmetics for children and adults.
Combining the best of what is created by nature with a scientific approach, we produce products that meet the highest quality standards.
In their own laboratory, researchers create unique recipes that combine the natural strength of plants and innovative developments. The highest quality products are achieved through continuous monitoring at each stage of production and cooperation with leading research institutes. A team of professionals, each of whom sincerely loves his job, carefully monitors the production cycle, ensuring safety and quality.
- Own laboratory and cooperation with leading research institutes and academies;
- Input control of raw materials in terms of quality and safety;
- Certificate of ISO 22000 (HACCP).
Production capacity
The path to health begins with the modern production of Mirroll Kuzmolovo, located near St. Petersburg.
In addition, there is a remote production site in the Altai Mountains.
It is here that ideas and forms take on a familiar form. Products are manufactured in powerful, environmentally friendly production workshops equipped with highly automated equipment.
- More than 1000 SKU in the assortment of the company
- More than 50 million pieces. annual production
These are not just numbers, for each of them we see your stories and the pleasant emotions that Mirrol products give.