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SKU: 314799
Cherrissimo Classic Chocolate Box, Mieszko, 285g/ 10.05oz
SKU: 313856
Chocolates with Whiskey Liqueur, Mieszko, 180g / 6.35oz
Mieszko is a Polish brand from Racibórz with a tradition going back more than 100 years. Mieszko specialises in the production of confectionery, especially chocolate pralines.
The company began operating under the brand of Mieszko in 1993, thus continuing a half century long tradition of confectionery production in the Ślązak and Raciborzanka plants.
Today Mieszko has 2 production facilities in Racibórz.
Mieszko is a renowned expert in the production of pralines and chocolates for any occasion. It offers innovative products based on good quality natural ingredients. The most popular Mieszko brands include Cherrissimo, Amoretta, Magnifique, Chocoladorro and the well known Michaszki.