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Mednyi Vsadnik

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Sale- 50 %
SKU: 306735
Wall Calendar on a Spiral 2024 Saint Petersburg at Night Big size 290x580 mm
Sale- 50 %
SKU: 306733
Wall Calendar on a Spiral 2024 Moscow Big Size 290x580 mm
Sale- 50 % Special offers
SKU: 308393
Our Homeland USSR (Back in USSR) Wall Calendar 2024
Our Homeland USSR (Back in USSR) Wall Calendar 2024
Sale- 50 % Special offers
SKU: 206100
Soviet Propaganda Poster Wall Calendar 2024, 230x335 mm
Sale- 83 % Special offers
SKU: 311991
2023 Wall Calendar on Paper Clip Vladimir Putin 300 x 300mm
Sale- 40 %
SKU: 206496
The Best Fisherman Stainless Steel Souvenir Flask Set
only 2.00 in stock
The Best Fisherman Stainless Steel Souvenir Flask Set
Sale- 30 %
SKU: 206492
Red Army Badge Stainless Steel Souvenir Flask, 3 oz / 90 ml
only 1.00 in stock
Mednyi Vsadnik
Trading House "Mednyi Vsadnik" (The Bronze Horseman)  is pleased to bring to your attention the widest range of printed and souvenir products we produce.
Following many years of tradition and constantly working to improve the range and quality, our company managed to take a leading position in Russia in the production of the following types of products:
  • Albums on art, history and traditions of Russia - from the executive class to mini-albums and guidebooks. Almost every our publication is offered in all currently in demand European and Asian languages.
  • Calendar products of a wide variety of formats allow each customer to make a choice in accordance with their preferences: whether it is rich architectural ensembles presented in flip calendars on large format spirals, or the world of funny animals reflected in paper clips.
  • With the rights of a company that has been specializing in creating calendars for more than twenty years, we can rightly say: we are dictating the calendar fashion in Russia! And if you have not already held the calendars of our company in your hands, we recommend: do it and you will appreciate the highest printing quality of these products!
  • A huge selection of postcards and sets of postcards with views of St. Petersburg, watercolors of various formats (can be framed in the frame at the request of the client) allows you to purchase from memory a lot of what the Northern capital gives the eyes of residents and visitors of the city.
  • Unique collections of postcards, including for each holiday, will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Postcards were created by the designers of our company and can safely claim exclusivity both in design and in technical performance.
  • The collection of gift bags, including handmade bags and art bags with views of St. Petersburg and Moscow, is a unique offer on the Russian market and is distinguished by its breadth of assortment, quality of design and unique style.
  • Souvenir products manufactured by our company include a wide range of products: magnets, pens, key chains, mugs, t-shirts, bags, etc. with views of St. Petersburg and Moscow.