Matryoshka Barynya "Snowman" with 7 Figurines (New Year Tree Ornaments), 9"

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Matryoshka Barynya "Snowman" with 7 Figurines (New Year Tree Ornaments) Description

Nesting Dolls Matryoshka Korobeynik are very special and different from classical matryoshkas. They do not include identically shaped dolls which are stacked together and vary in size. Instead, you can find several little figurines of different characters of folklore tales or fairy tales. Each individual little figurine is handpainted so that every design is unique.

Boyarinya korobeynik nesting doll was handmade and hand painted, so it has a unique and exclusive design. It was crafted using the best paints and lacquer, and with powder of real gold and silver. It includes 7 little figurines which all can be used as Christmas tree decorations.

This original matryoshka will also be a great present for your friends and relatives as a representation of the rich and diverse Russian culture.

Matryoshka Barynya Matryoshka Barynya
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