Marinade for Chicken, Stoev, 380 gr/ 0.84
Marinade for Chicken, Stoev, 380 gr/ 0.84
$ 2.99
Marinade for Chicken, Stoev, 380 gr/ 0.84
Sale- 40 % New
Brand: Stoyev
SKU: 310734

Marinade for Chicken, Stoev, 380 gr/ 0.84

$4.99 - 40 % off
Marinade for chicken Stewy is a favorite helper for cooking chicken on an open fire at home. The marinade recipe is based on the traditions of the modern French culinary school. An exquisite combination of herbs, wine and mustard seeds gives the chicken a piquant flavor with light sweet notes. The marinade is suitable for cooking chicken and Turkey. The perfect balance of ingredients allows you to marinate meat in 30 minutes.
All Stoev products are made only from natural raw materials and ingredients and do not Contain GMOs. High product quality is achieved through a strict control process at every stage of production.
The products of Stoev Company are numerous holders of certificates and diplomas, as well as high awards and medals of the leading food exhibitions in Russia.
Convenient packaging, bright attractive label design, price availability and, of course, consistent quality and memorable taste make the company's products attractive to all consumers and noticeable. A wide range, real Kuban quality of food products are indisputable competitive advantages of the company Stoev.
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