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Lemon Caramel, Rot Front, 226 g/ 0.5 lb
Lemon Caramel, Rot Front, 226 g/ 0.5 lb
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Lemon Caramel, Rot Front, 226 g/ 0.5 lb
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Lemon Caramel, Rot Front, 226 g/ 0.5 lb

Brand: Rot Front

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Composition of this caramel is a real lemon puree. Enjoy the bright taste with sourness and unforgettable citrus aroma of these candies!
The history of the brand, now known as "Rot Front", goes back to 1826. It was then, almost 200 years ago, that the philistine Sergey Lenov opened a "Confectionery Workshop", where he produced fudge and caramel. Two centuries later, the "Rot Front" is a wide range of chocolates, caramels, halva, waffles and dragees.
Caramel with fudge filling.
Ingredients: sugar, drinking water, molasses, acidity regulator-citric acid, lemon juice (lemon puree (lemons, preservative-potassium sorbate), apple puree (apples, preservative-sulfur dioxide), sugar), dye E100, flavor "Lemon".
Nutritional value per 100g: protein-0g; fat-0.1 g; carbohydrates-94g.
Energy value: 380kcal/1600KJ.

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