Lacalut Aktiv Herbal Tooth Decay Treating Toothpaste, 1.77 oz / 50 ml

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Lacalut Aktiv Herbal Tooth Decay Treating Toothpaste Description

Lacalut Aktiv Herbal toothpaste is based on the recipe of classic Lacalut. It effectively eliminates bleeding and inflammation of the gums, provides comprehensive protective effect of medicinal herbs.
Properties: astringent, hemostatic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, regenerative, refreshing effects
Active components:
Allantoin stimulates the regeneration of the gums and oral mucosa; eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.
Star anise has a soothing effect on the gums, mint provides a refreshing effect.
Myrrh has anti-inflammatory effect, sage has antiseptic, astringent, regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect.
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