Kelp Soap-Detox, Svoboda, 100g/ 0.22 lb
Kelp Soap-Detox, Svoboda, 100g/ 0.22 lb
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Kelp Soap-Detox, Svoboda, 100g/ 0.22 lb

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SVOBODA DETOX toilet soap with kelp provides excellent cleansing and has a pleasant massage effect due to the effect of natural kelp particles.
The composition of kelp, rich in compounds of iodine, potassium, as well as amino acids and vitamins, helps the skin to cope with poor ecology and natural aging.
SVOBODA DETOX soap does not require special application, it is used as a traditional soap. It is necessary to wet your hands with water, lather them until you get a sufficiently thick foam. Then apply the foam to the skin and massage to clean it and rinse with water.
Soap-detox-care in the process of washing-the skin after use is completely clean, soft and beautiful.
A balanced combination of a plant-based cleansing base and seaweed has helped create a versatile SPA-level treatment and is recommended for daily use, especially for residents of metropolitan areas.
At the heart of this cosmetic series is the idea of creating a completely new cleansing agent in the SVOBODA series on a plant basis in combination with unique algae of the White Sea. It is known that seaweed is an inexhaustible source of useful ingredients, including 12 vitamins, 42 trace elements and minerals, 18 amino acids, phytohormones, and antioxidants.
Seaweed is the most commonly used ingredient for thalassotherapy, which includes a set of treatments using seawater, seaweed, and mud.
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