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Kelp Salad with Chia & Tomatoes, Eleo, 200g/ 7.05oz
Kelp Salad with Chia & Tomatoes, Eleo, 200g/ 7.05oz
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Kelp Salad with Chia & Tomatoes, Eleo, 200g/ 7.05oz
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Kelp Salad with Chia & Tomatoes, Eleo, 200g/ 7.05oz

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Just add boiling water, wait 15 minutes and the salad is ready!
5 servings
Chia seeds, tomatoes, kelp, carrots, onions.
Nutritional value 100g:
protein 12.0 g
fat 18.0 g
carbohydrates 15.0 g
energy value 1130 kJ
calorie 270 kcal
The Super food menu is a series of healthy products for fast cooking and balanced nutrition. The unique formulation allows you to keep the composition natural, and the speed of application makes the product a convenient addition to a healthy diet.
Kelp contains iodine, alginates, potassium, magnesium and is an indispensable product for the diet of youth and beauty.
Chia seeds contain Omega 3, phosphorus, tryptophan, iron, perfectly saturate, helping to control appetite.
Tomatoes give the salad a piquant taste and an original sourness. In addition, lycopene is a substance from the group of caratinoids, is a powerful antioxidant.
How to cook:
Pour a portion of salad with 100 ml of hot water (90 C), stir and let stand for 10-15 minutes. To taste, add cold-pressed oil or / and sea buckthorn vinegar from the specialist company and your healthy salad is ready for use.
It can be used as an independent dish, as a side dish or as a spread on sandwiches.
Consume within 24 hours after cooking, store in the refrigerator.

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