Ivan Tea with Meadowsweet (Spiraea), 1.77 oz / 50 g

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Ivan Tea

Ivan Tea with Meadowsweet (Spiraea) Description

From time immemorial Russian people drank Ivan Tea. It was believed to have healing, strengthening properties. But not only was the tea beneficial for the health, it also tasted extremely good and was found in every house.
Ivan Tea with meadowsweet has a number of beneficial properties. It activates the immune system of the body, improves elasticity of blood vessels, normalizes the blood pressure, helps with headaches. When applied topically, the tea is a great healing agent for small wounds, small abscesses, and herpes. The tea also serves as a good remedy against flu and colds. Due to the diuretic and choleretic effect, Ivan tea with meadowsweet is used for treatment of gastritis, ulcers, dysbiosis.
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