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Ivan-Tea with Lingonberries, 1.77 oz / 50 g
Ivan-Tea with Lingonberries, 1.77 oz / 50 g
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Ivan-Tea with Lingonberries, 1.77 oz / 50 g
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Ivan-Tea with Lingonberries, 1.77 oz / 50 g



From time immemorial Russian people drank Ivan Tea. It was believed to have healing, strengthening properties. But not only was the tea beneficial for the health, it also tasted extremely good and was found in every house.
Ivan-tea with cranberries is a delicious vitamin drink, a great tool for strengthening the immune system. It stimulates the removal of toxins from the body including salts of heavy metals, helps with any intoxication including alcohol. The tea reduces the level of blood sugar. It regulates protein metabolism in the body, contributing to weight normalization.
Due to the content of tannins and pectin the tea restores the activity of the digestive tract, eliminating constipation, heartburn, dysbiosis. Due to the content of magnesium, vitamin B, flavonoids the tea is an effective natural sedative, which normalizes the emotional state - reduces nervousness, anxiety, relieves headaches, normalizes sleep. 

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Ivan-Tea with Lingonberries is my all time favorite tea. The tea is so tasty and very good for you. Lingonberries are rich in antioxidants. The Ivan-Tea Company is so famous and they have been making great teas for many years. I love this tea company and I love all of they're tea with berries.

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