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Instant Chicken Noodles
Instant Chicken Noodles "Hearty Lunch", Doshirak, 110g/ 3.88 oz
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Instant Chicken Noodles
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Instant Chicken Noodles "Hearty Lunch", Doshirak, 110g/ 3.88 oz

Brand: Doshirak


Nutritional value 100g:
7 proteins
17 fats
54 carbohydrates
400 kcal
Classics of the genre!
Strict quality control and product safety, sanitary standards.
The Korean brand Doshirak is a leader in the market of instant noodles.
In noodles and seasoning of dried vegetables, iodine–rich kelp is added - a source of natural iodine.
Thanks to high-quality flour and potato starch, noodles retain their elasticity and shape after cooking.
Doshirak noodles are an individual portion of rolled noodles made of high-quality wheat flour in a container that is convenient to use for brewing. The package also contains a bag of flavoring broth with seasoning, containing all the necessary spices and spices, onions and garlic, which give the noodles a unique taste and aroma, as well as a separate bag with dried vegetables – you can vary the seasonings to your taste and preference! A disposable plastic plug is included.
The composition of noodles: wheat flour, vegetable oil, food additive thickener (acetylated starch), salt (extra food salt, anti-tracking agent E536), complex food additive emulsifier "K-300A" (soybean oil, emulsifier E322), gluten, complex food additive stabilizer "premix" (stabilizers: E501i, E412, E452i), Soy product (soy sauce powder, sugar, salt, yeast extract, fried onion).
Broth-seasoning: broth base (chicken broth powder with vegetables, fried red pepper, garlic, yeast extract, black pepper, chicken flavor, guar gum thickener), salt (extra food salt, anti-tracking agent E536), flavor enhancer (E621), sugar, potato starch.
Seasoning of dried vegetables: carrots, protein product "soy meat" with chicken flavor (flavoring "chicken"), onion.
Sauce: water, dry bee extract, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, flavor enhancer (E621), preservatives (E211, E202), antioxidant (sodium isoascorbate).
The product contains gluten, soy and its processed products. The product may contain trace amounts of processed milk and fish products.

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